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Dock Dogs - a water sport

Dock Dogs
My Australian Shepherd friends group has been written about a unknown sport (at least not known in Portugal) for dogs, Dock Dogs.

So I decided to research a little about this sport, and this is what I found, (source: http://www.1000islandsdockdogs.com/WhatIsDockDogs.html)

What is DockDogs?
Sport for dogs with there family's
DockDogs is a fun, dock jumping & dock diving, performance sports for dogs.
Most DockDogs Competitions are comprised of four contests; BIG AIR, EXTREME VERTICAL and SPEED RETRIEVE and the new sport IRON DOG which is now held at National Competitions.
What is Big Air (BA)? Judging for distance, this competition judges how far your dog can jump from the edge of the dock into the pool. The dog can start by running the length of the dock in order to generate momentum. Distance is calculated from the edge of the dock to where the base of the dogs tail hits the water. There are many different divisions, so all dogs with different jumping distances can join in the fun and have success.

What is Extreme Vertical (EV)? This is the HIGH JUMP for dogs. When competing in Extreme Vertical (EV), dogs jump upwards from the dock in order to retrieve a bumper, landing in the water.

What is Speed Retrieve (SR)? DockDogs Speed Retrieve involves a run...jump...swim environment. The clock starts when the dog leaves the starting line on the dock, and stops when the dog swims to the end of the pool and retrieves the duck.

What is Iron Dog (ID)? DockDogs Iron Dog competition is the newest DockDogs Sport. It combines all of the above three competitions and your dog competes for points. The best Iron Dogs are the dogs that are consistent and do well in all three sports.

You kind of wonder, if this wasn’t a very good sport to do in our sunny lands …

Ok, now a few grate photos of Australian Shepherd and other dogs in Dock Dogs (with authorization of Angie Claussen
Sioux- A-CH Tejas Dog Name Sioux Darwalk (Aussie) CGC NAJ HT PT/ O-NAC NCC S-NJC O-TN-N TG-N / JS-O GS-N RS-O
Dev- Navrock's Unshakable Devotion (Aussie) CGC
Saber- (Siberian Husky) CGC
Semper- (Border Collie) CGC
Moni- (Mini Dachshund) In Agility Training

Dock Dogs

Dock Dogs

Dock Dogs
Dock Dogs
Dock Dogs
Dock Dogs

A video that I found on youtube about Dock Dogs,

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